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After the remarkable success of her first Jalue product, visionary Azerbaijani creator Jale Demirchi is moving forward with new skincare products that take her philosophy to dizzying new levels of effective- ness and luxury.

Continuing her quest to meld traditional herb based preparations with modern techniques, Jale has focussed on getting the balance just right without compromising on the quality of personally sourced, natural in- gredients or the time it takes to perfect each product.

These herbal preparations have been an evolving for centuries – that’s because, down through the ages, they genuinely work.
Building on this herbal lore with all its secrets and hard work is a chal- lenge, but a labour of love for Jale.

Still embracing the tenets and secret recipes handed down to her family by an ageing herbologist, she understands that by enhancing the preparations with modern methodology that hard-to-perfect balance does deliver genuine efficacy and results.