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5 Reasons Why Ice Should Become Your Skin’s Best Friend

Dreaming of flawless skin without breaking the bank? Here is a DIY beauty hack considered so efficient throughout the years (just ask Asian women about it) that beauty experts decided to use it as a spa treatment and include it in skin care rituals thanks to its incredible range of benefits. Skin icing, we are looking at you.

If you are not familiar with this refreshing (and literally cool) technique, here are 5 reasons why you should become a fan today:

1.Minimizes Pores

Say good-bye to larger than life pores! Ice fights excess sebum and debris by unclogging and shrinking large pores, leaving skin looking visibly tighter, smoother and perfectly primed before the application of your foundation. 

2.De-puffs the Eye Area

Fantastic enemies of swelling and morning puffiness, ice cubes manage to reduce those nasty bags under the eyes. A must-do after each sleepless night. 

3.Improves Blood Circulation

Running ice cubes on your face on a daily basis will constrict blood vessels sending an increased blood flow to the inflamed areas that require healing. 

4.Eases Redness  and Blemishes

Need to keep your skin in check? You’ve got it! Ice cubes considerably reduce the size, swelling and redness of pimples, greatly soothing irritated skin. As a bonus, your skin tone will even out beautifully.

5.Improves the Appearance of Wrinkles

By smoothing the complexion, ice cubes prevent and drastically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


There you have it! Easy, affordable and incredibly effective, this is a great trick to help you upgrade your daily beauty routine and leave everyone guessing about the new, expensive moisturizer you are using.

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