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Why You Should Start Using Natural Skincare Today

Do you read your food labels? Great, because that’s exactly what you should do with your skincare labels, too. What goes on your body, goes into your body, you know. 

We live in an age where many of the ingredients used in beauty products are sadly hazardous. Ranging from pesticides and surfactants to carcinogens to endocrine disruptors the list of industrial chemicals to avoid is longer than you would expect. 

Feeling threatened and concerned? There is no need to, just be informed!  This will help you make only conscious choices and avoid the “nasties”. And, by the way, if you’ve been procrastinating auditing your bathroom cabinet, it is probably a good idea to start checking the labels on your skincare products and decide what stays and what goes. 

Some of the most common toxic ingredients used in skincare (parabens, petrolatum, PEG compounds, BHA and BHT, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, and the list goes on) are associated with increased risk of cancer, dermatitis, allergies, cellular damage, disruption of the endocrine, reproductive system, etc. This being said, the only safe alternative are natural and organic cosmetics with clean, certified ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin, or you are allergic to certain ingredients. However, make sure your products don’t contain just a few organic ingredients alongside synthetics. Tip: Do not fully trust words like “pure”, “organic” or “natural” on the front of a packaging, and always check the ingredient list at the back.

Studies show that the average women use 10 different skin care products on their body every day, which means their skin will absorb dozens of ingredients like a sponge. Why slather on products made with synthetic ingredients that mimic the natural ones, when you can use the real thing? 

Go on, take a plunge into natural beauty and let your skin enjoy the real benefits of nature! Not only will you be making the best choice for yourself, but the environment will thank you, too.

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