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What is Rosehip Oil?

No, Rosehip oil doesn’t come from roses. Rosehip oil is pressed from the fruits and the seeds of the wild rosehip. It has been used by the Native Americans and Mayans for its healing properties.

Why is there a hype around rosehip oil? How does it work?

Rosehip seed oil naturally contains fatty acids that keep you skin plump and moisturised. It’s rich in linoleic acid, aka Vitamin F. If you suffer from acne this will become your holy grail oil. Vitamin F is used by our skin to create ceramides which build the skin’s barrier. This keeps your skin strong, hydrated and it helps with blocking UV light and pollution. It also supports the skin’s natural regeneration process which boosts healing and improves texture. Researchers have found that blemish prone skin often lacks Vitamin F and the regular use of rosehip oil rebalances the skin and reduces flakiness and inflammation. This means that rosehip oil works wonders for any type of scars and will also protect it from further damage. Also you don’t need to worry about feeling greasy after applying it as it’s very light and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Natural skincare at its best!

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