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Understanding Essence – the Cosmetic Product Your Skin Needs

If you are a beauty junkie constantly keeping up with the influx of new skincare products, you are probably wondering about a few of them. The era of just cleanser & moisturizer is long gone and today a rigorous beauty regimen may count up to 12 steps. Yes, that means 12 different products to slather on our skin. No, we are not joking. 

If you have not heard about essence before now, it was about time you did.  We believe it has great potential to become a staple in your daily skincare routine. But let us enlighten you further…

First things first. Essence and toner are not the same thing (even if at a first glance you might be tempted to believe so). While the latter removes the makeup and impurities that your cleanser didn’t, essence is to be applied after the toner, to prep the skin for the next step, the serum. Initially formulated as a lightweight treatment chock-full of active ingredients, essences strengthen the skin helping it stay plumper and healthier longer. Often called miracle water, essence infuses the skin with concentrated active ingredients right after the cleansing process, giving it an immediate feeling of hydration and comfort.  Expect to be really impressed with the results, because this formula treats skin on a cellular level. Essence is actually a rejuvenator that targets fine lines, deeper wrinkles and uneven complexions, and smoothens the skin, giving it a bright, youthful appearance. What’s there not to like?

Tip: Applying essence correctly to your skin is key. Gently pat/press the product onto your face with your hands starting at the chin then moving up. Really easy.

Case in point, this is a must-try. Choose the texture that most appeals to you (you will find anything from watery formulas to thicker consistencies) and introduce it into your beauty routine. You will notice quite a difference. And you will L.O.V.E. essence forever. 

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