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Beauty Trends: Skincare Products with Less than 10 Ingredients

What would you say about cosmetic products with a lean ingredient list that you can actually pronounce, for a change? We know, right? Understanding exactly what’s in your moisturizer or makeup remover can be truly reassuring since nowadays we are used to impossible-to-decipher labels that cause us major anxiety. 

Even if most brands in the beauty industry consider that multiple ingredients (both synthetic and natural) are necessary to ensure a product’s remarkable performance, lately a few of them decided to get back to basics by launching products with less than 10 ingredients. 

Normally, cosmetic companies will use at least 25 to 50 ingredients to create a new skincare product. With such a high number of components it is literally impossible to figure out which of them is causing a bad reaction to someone with sensitive skin, for example. This explains why products with minimal ingredient lists are pretty exciting, especially to women with demanding complexions. 

Say hello to a new cosmetic trend: products with one or two key active ingredients around which the rest of the basic elements are assembled. Zero colorants, fragrance or superfluous fillers. What you read is what you get. 

Today’s conscious consumers love to have control over what they are putting on their faces and cosmetic brands are aware of this, hence the minimalistic products they have been launching lately. This proves once again that less is more.

Jalue believes that fewer ingredients mean better skincare and happier skin. Our mini facials are inspired by traditional herbalism and rely exclusively on the natural benefits of plants and herbs. Enjoy minimalism at its finest!

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